Respiratory Medicine and Bronchoscopy

Respiratory Medicine is the specialty which deals with diseases and disorders of the lungs, pleura, pulmonary vasculature and ventilation.

Bronchoscopy is the visual examination of the bronchial passages of the lungs through the tube of an endoscope (usually a curved flexible tube containing fibers that carry light down the tube and project an enlarged image up the tube to the viewer) that is inserted into the upper lungs.


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Dr. L. A. Homik, M.D.m.c. 204-957-3231 Floor 7
Dr. L. Madi, M.D.m.c. 204-957-3350 Floor 7
Dr. A. McKinnon, M.D.m.c. 204-957-3254 Floor 7
Dr. E. Orlikow, M.D. 204-957-3272 Floor 7


m.c. = Medical Corporation