Research Studies & Activities

Research Studies & Activities

Research Studies

Physicians at the Winnipeg Clinic have been involved with medical research since the inception of the Winnipeg Clinic in 1938. Until the establishment of the Medical Research Council of Canada, the Winnipeg Clinic Research Institute was the main funder for medical research in Manitoba. The Winnipeg Clinic continues its tradition of clinical research with many of its physicians being active in clinical research studies in a wide range of disease processes.

Areas of research vary by the physicians involved and their specialty. Research done at the clinic may include; Disease of the skin (i.e. Atopic Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Hidradenitis Suppurative and Acne) and Cardiovascular Diseases in Diabetes Mellitus.

The Winnipeg Clinic physicians involved in research, normally recruit subjects from their practice. From time to time, there are research projects that require a larger number of subjects to participate. For these projects, the research physicians will advertise.

Research Activities

Dermatology Department - Diseases of the Skin

Dr. J. Keddy-Grant

Dr. R. Haydey

Dr. T. Afifi

Dr. R. Mouton

For more information, please contact the Dermatology Research Department (204) 957-3390

Endocrinology Department- Diabetes Research

Dr. V. Woo
For more information, please contact the Research Nurse (204) 957-3218