Endoscopy Suite

Endoscopy Suite

If you have an appointment for endoscopy please present at the front desk on the time indicated on your appointment letter.

The procedure duration can be varied as every patient and procedure is different you can expect to be in the clinic for roughly 2 hours.

You will be discharged home the same day but you will need an adult to accompany you home regardless of what mode of transportation you chose (taxi, car, bus).

Pre-procedure information such as diet, bowel preparation and information regarding medications will be provided along with the endoscopy appointment letter. If you have any questions feel free to call the appropriate physicians secretary.

Visual examination of the gastrointestinal system through a flexible tube - endoscope for examination of the esophagus and stomach or rectal inserting for examination of the bowel. Tissue samples can be biopsied.

Appointments are scheduled by the Gastrologist.


10th Floor, Winnipeg Clinic


By appointment only.