Family Medicine

Family Medicine is the major field of medicine which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of illness.


Monday to Friday - 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Closed: Saturday, Sunday and Holidays

Department Fax



Dr. H. Boktor, M.D. 204-957-3326 Floor 3
Dr. K. Curtis, M.D. 204-957-3237 Floor 3
Dr. M. Hochman, M.D.m.c. 204-957-3221 Floor 3
Dr. I. Kasloff, M.D. 204-957-3244 Floor 3
Dr. J. Michaud, M.D. 204-957-3207 Floor 3
Dr. F. Sikora, M.D.m.c. 204-957-3217 Floor 3


m.c. = Medical Corporation